Adventures together for vitality

A large part of the life of cats, true masters of laziness, is spent snoozing, but we should never forget that deep in their souls these cuddly pets are in fact real predators. Keeping their natural instincts sharp is the key to their physical and mental well-being, and it can even strengthen the cat-owner relationship as well.

Why should we encourage play?

It is typical mainly for cats kept at home that, compared to their ancestors, they are exposed to far less stimulus during the day and idleness may result in health problems. Outdoor cats are in general fitter and more active, but they can easily get themselves (or other animals – birds, small rodents etc.) into trouble while hunting.

And of course, it goes without saying that many cats, whether living an indoor or outdoor life, ‘take out’ a lack of playtime on the owner’s furnishings. The good news: this is all avoidable!

The hunt is on!

Most cats love games simulating their natural ‘prey’: the feather duster resembling a bird or a soft toy mouse. It is also worth using objects found around the home, such as a ball made from crumpled up aluminium foil or a shoelace, but these should only be given to the cat under supervision.

If you want to train your pet’s mental abilities, you can choose from intelligence games that can be filled with dry food. However, never give a cat a toy that will frighten it with its sound or size, or that could even cause harm.

Playtime depends on the cat’s level of fitness and many other factors. Generally, a few minutes each day is enough. Watch for the reaction: if the cat begins to get tired or loses interest, stop playing and start again later. It is very important to give your cat fresh water after playing.

Not only for the cat’s sake…

Last but not least, time spent together helps strengthen the bond between cat and owner: pets really value attention dedicated to them and maybe this will make them look forward to more care at other times. Being a responsible owner is not only important, but it feels good as well. In other words, it gives us all an extra boost of happiness!

Let the games begin!