PreVital innovations:

Specialized to the different needs of cats and their owners.

We created the PreVital family for cats quality food that doesn’t cost much. Our main focus was to provide food that contributes to the healthy and happy life of cats. Rich in vitamins and minerals, we produce food that covers the daily amount of energy cats need, we provide complete food for them.


Good to be rewarded or reward someone! Prevital provides all type of snacks: we offer stuffed pillows, meaty sticks, playful shaped bites, in different flavours and packagings. Suprise your cat with one of them!

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Reclosable tetra

Modern and unique type of packaging, which is odorlessly reclosable. This pack type supports the hygienic storage and multiple serving. We provide different flavours based on grain free recipe, without added sugar.

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PreVital Fillet Selection

PreVital Fillet Selection soft, delicious cat food in tasty gravy and jelly, which has outstandingly high meat contant to make your cat happy and satisfied

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