What PreVital offers:

Cat foods without compromise.

We developed PreVital portfolio in order to provide 100% complate and balanced cat foof for every lifestage- from junior cat to senior. Each PreVital product contains the required vitamins and minerals in order to secure balanced and happy days for your cat.

Our foods contain several valuable vitamins and minerals, supporting the cats different demands day by day:

  • With vitamin D3 which contributes to healthy bones and teeth
  • with vitamin E for strong immune system
  • with vitamin A to maintain a good eye sight
  • with Inulin for good digestion
  • with Biotin and Zinc to support healthy skin and shiny coat
  • With taurine which contributes to a healthy heart

As cat experts, we are fully aware that every cat has its own habits and needs, and all of these should be fulfilled, so we created our range of product with special care.

Rich flavour and packaging assortment provided to You and your pet. The meat lovers, and fish lovers, the adults, juniors and senior cats can find their favourite. Unique range for sterile and indoor cats too.

PreVital cat foods available in different formats: dry, can, alupouch, alucup and tetra

We are constantly improving our portfolio based on the latest trends regarding packaging, components

The Partner in Pet Food (PPF) is an innovative, leading European pet food company, which distribute own products to more than 600 customers across 40 country: including retails, supermarkets, specialist pet shops and veterinarians. PPF is the second biggest retail private label wet and dry pet food producer in Europe, produced good quality cat and dog dry food, cans, alpouches, semi-wet feed, snack and cat milk. PPF brand’s share is constantly growing in Europe.

PPF is headquartered in Hungary and has operations in ten countries: The Netherlands, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, France, Germany, Sweden, Italy. With ten factories across Europe, PPF is the only market operator with an integrated pan-European production network.