Watch out for these points in connection with feeding your pet

Catfood is our first priority, we'll tell you, how.

Watch out for these points in connection with feeding your pet

1. Don’t ever overfeed

Obesity is one of the most common diseases not only among humans but also among cats. Although a plump cat might look cute, obesity can have very serious consequences for your pet, including diabetes, arthritis or diseases of the urinary tract.

Of course, those cats that spend a lot of time outdoors and have more opportunities for exercise also have increased energy needs, but it is important to note that the nutritional demands of cats today are not as high as they were in earlier years. The ideal quantity differs for each cat and depends on the age as well, although there are standards that are worth keeping to.

PreVital has developed all of its products to meet the nutritional requirements of cats. You will find our website gives serving suggestions for each of the products we make so that you can avoid all the problems caused by obesity.


2. Dry food alone is not sufficient

Naturally, dry food is basically useful for cats, but it is important to make sure that your pet does not receive only this type of pet food. The water requirements of cats are relatively small compared to dogs, that is, normally they don’t drink water very frequently. In addition, their urine is far more concentrated but that said, they do need to have access to fluids at all times.

The average water content of cat food is around 70%, whereas this ratio is only approximately 10% in the case of dry pet foods. This is precisely why it is vital to ensure that if our pet is getting more dry food, then occasionally we should balance this with tinned or aluminium sachet pet food, besides which it is equally important that the cat consumes an appropriate volume of fluids.


3. Do not use garlic as protection against worms

Many people think that one of the best ways of protecting against tapeworms is to give pets garlic, but this popular belief is certainly incorrect. There is absolutely no research that indicates this has any basis in truth, indeed it has been shown that excessive consumption of garlic can cause problems for pets because it damages the red cells in the blood of cats.  

There are similar ‘old wives remedies’ concerning several other diseases of cats, but we always recommend that you consult a vet when you come across problems because these popular beliefs can often do more damage than good.


4. Don’t try to make your pet a vegetarian   

Cats are basically carnivores, therefore they need animal-based nutrition. This contains several nutrients and other components that cannot be obtained from a vegetarian or vegan diet, for example, taurine, a lack of which can – in the long term – lead to heart problems, blindness and even death.


5. Make up for nutritional deficiencies

Cat food made at home has its benefits but it can also have its very many downsides for cats if they are only fed homemade food. The single biggest problem concerning food prepared not specifically for cats is that nutrients and minerals so vital for cats are often not present in the correct proportions.

One of these serious problems may be a calcium-deficient diet, even though calcium is extremely important for cats (as well as humans). Similarly, there can be problems arising out of an excess of liver or tuna in our pet’s diet, because these result in a breakdown of vitamin B1 which in turn can lead to muscular problems or even brain damage.

For this reason, it is critical to give pets the right amount and right quality of pet food. We at PreVital have enormous experience in ensuring that pets receive the best quality nutrition that is most effective for them, and moreover in a form that is extremely tasty!


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