Arguments for and against sterilizing your cat

There are countless arguments for and against sterilizing your pet, and even more misconceptions. In this article, we will try to explain the true consequences of neutering.

Arguments for and against sterilizing your cat


Sterilization stops the risk of pregnancy

Overpopulation of pets is a problem that all countries face since shelters are, almost without exception, full to bursting and stray animals can carry very many diseases. When a cat gives birth to kittens it is always a wonderful moment, but it is essential to be aware of whether one is prepared to look after the new set of pets in the house. Problems increase by a multiple and so do the costs of keeping the pets, not to mention the fact that in many cases the mother cat is similarly unprepared to care for her offspring. Therefore, the unexpected pregnancy of your pet cat can lead to all sorts of serious problems, which can be avoided by having the cat neutered.


Your cat will be calmer

The mating instinct is lost in sterilized cats so times when your cat constantly disappears and is more aggressive towards others animals can be avoided. At the same time, a sterilized cat does not attract attention from cats of the opposite sex so you and the neighbours will be able to sleep more easily once the yowling of other cats is finished.

A sterilized cat will also be calmer, gentler and friendlier overall, so you may find yourselves getting along better sooner than you thought.


Sterilization makes a cat healthier

One of the most important aspects of having your cat neutered is that it will be ill far less frequently. Sterilized cats have a far stronger constitution and they will not contract very many diseases that earlier they were prone to.





Your cat can no longer get pregnant

Just as it is a positive, so it is a negative that your cat can never have kittens. As we have already mentioned, there are few more cute things than kittens, although it is very important to assess whether you, and your cat, are prepared to welcome up to 6-7 new pets into the household, because unfortunately even if a shelter can take them in it is certain they will not live in the same circumstances that a loving owner and settled environment can offer them.


Sterilization can lead to putting on weight

Cats burn up a huge amount of energy as a result of the mating instinct and when this disappears, the appetite of cats does not always fall in line with the reduction in the energy they need. Put another way, the needs of a sterilized cat change and if we do not pay sufficient attention to this, it can easily lead to a situation where your cat puts on weight. We at PreVital have taken this into account when we developed our Sterile products, which are prepared so as to be fully suitable for the recommended nutritional requirements of sterilized cats.

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