7+1 reasons why adopting a cat is a better idea than buying one

There are far more cats than loving homes for them.

7+1 reasons why adopting a cat is a better idea than buying one

1. You are saving a life

There are many cats waiting in shelters to be adopted and many more that simply cannot be taken in. Therefore, consider that when you adopt a cat, you not only save the life of your new pet but that of another cat as well, because this frees up a place in one of the already crowded shelters.


2. You are helping to reduce the problem of overpopulation

There are far more cats than loving homes for them. This is why the animal shelters have had to face huge overcrowding in the past few decades and they find it extremely difficult to accept even more new strays. In general, animal shelters make sure that the animals living with them do not have the chance to breed further, and you, too, can help in this by taking care that your pet does not have more kittens than you can manage.


3. You are giving an animal a second chance

The shelters are full of healthy, cute and well trained cats, who found themselves on the street mostly through the negligence of their owners or because of changed circumstances. Many people get rid of their pet because of divorce or moving home, but there are cases where the given family simply was not properly prepared to look after a pet. Every cat deserves a second chance!


4. Adoption is cheaper

Of course, when it comes to pets, cost is not the most important aspect, but it does have to be taken into account. Besides this, cats from shelters have likely got over a few difficulties and illnesses from their early years, not to mention that they are frequently not so choosy about their food.


5. They are kinder on the furniture

In the majority of cases shelter cats have become conditioned to their former living situation and they know the rules, so they look after their surroundings better. It is quite likely that they are accustomed to using a scratching post and cat litter, which can be a huge advantage to you in everyday life.


6. You will not only be healthier but your self-confidence will also increase

It has been shown that if you get a pet this is good for your health, but if your new companion is a shelter cat then your self-confidence will also increase because you can be truly proud of the fact that you extended help to an animal that really needed it.


7. Adopted cats are often more grateful

A pet is always grateful, even if there are some cats that do not always show this. However, a shelter cat will certainly be even more grateful because coming from a shelter environment it gets real care and attention and it will try to return this to you and everyone else in the household.


+1. Do something in the interest of environmental awareness

Recycling is important in relation to the future of our planet and even though at first it may sound stupid when using this expression in connection with animals, still there is a certain truth in it. In addition to which, you will get more love from a ‘recycled’ cat than you can handle.


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