About us

What do we have for pet-owners?

Cat food without compromises.

For cats

We created the PreVital family for cats quality food that doesn't cost much. Our main focus was to provide food that contributes to the healthy and happy life of cats. Rich in vitamins and minerals, we produce food that covers the daily amount of energy cats need, we provide complete food for them.

There's no accounting for tastes and that's true even more when it comes to cats. A great number of different needs are waiting for us to be satisfied. As catsperts, we know that. This is why we payed special attention to our range of products. From heavy meat-lovers to the ones living on a more balanced diet, from the cozy afternoon snoozers to the ones who stayed young on the inside, we have an offer for everyone. Even for sterile cats we provide a unique range of food choices, no one stays hungry.

In our attempt of setting the highest health standards we create food without preservatives. However, every piece of PreVital food contains a wide range of vitamins and minerals, satisfying the special needs of cats every day:

  • Vitamin D3 for strong teeth and bones
  • Vitamin E for a strong immune system
  • Vitamin A for good eye-sight
  • Inulin for optimal digestion
  • Biotine and zinc for healthy skin and shiny coat
  • Taurine for a strong heart

PreVital products are available in stores in dry, canned and aluminum pouches form.

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Your pet is our mission

Raising happy pets is what matters the most to us. This is why all of our products are developed to protect their immune system, muscles and bones, as well as their skin and coats.

As experts, we know that maintaining an optimal balance of nourishment and lifestyle habits in our pets life is just as crucial as it is in ours. This is what we can guarantee with our food.

Our products are easy to digest, containing protein of physiological value, fat, carbs, vitamins and minerals in optimal ratio. Learning the different habits of cats and dogs we guarantee the best quality products in the biggest possible range, make it a canned or aluminum pouch, dry or wet food, a snack or even a treat.
Thank you for joining us in our mission!


While we want to provide quality pet food for everyone, our main goal remained to find the perfect recipe. We want to satisfy every pet, from the pickiest ones to the pets who can’t say no, we have an offer to everyone, we covered everything including health and flavours.

Our product developers created quality food that contains protein above the average amount while remain rich in vitamins in every bit. We tested the greatest flavours and textures at home and abroad to find the best one.

Even to this day, we collaborate with international experts to study the behaviour of cats and dogs. We study their needs and habits and we refine the receipts accordingly. This is how we help you to give only the best to your pets.

Partner in Pet Food

Who are we?

The leading pet-food company on the European market.
Our finest quality pet-food is available in 38 countries, covering the needs of retail-chains, pet stores and shops.

What is the plan?

By continually expanding our business, we want to reach the biggest number of pet-owners to provide high quality pet-food for them. Our range not only consists of private-label products, we introduced our own-produced pet-food as well. We expanded our portfolios, this means more PreVital , VitalBite and Dax products in the retail system. We are proud of that.

What do we stand for?

Quality, which is affordable.
Giving thought to the needs of pet-owners, we provide pet food without having to compromise prize- or quality-wise.


Partner in Pet Food